Sunday, 14 October 2018

Crochet Adventures

These are the small projects I have completed while residing at my son's house.  Using 4 ply cotton from the discount store I made these two string bags, one that folds away into a small pouch and fastens with a button and loop.
The pattern is available here.
Pattern similar to this 
Folded into pouch.
Found this Christmas Santa Doiley on Pinterest and had to make it, luckily I had enough little bits of cotton to make it.
Pattern here.
Close-up of Santa's face.
All for now.

Sunday, 16 September 2018


I have merged my quilting blog into this one.  Between work, personal, forum and craft life it was getting too much.  I post each week for the craft group free WiFi available at the show hall and have not posted anything in my personal blogs for ever so long.  Hoping this will all change.
In July I sold the large house and acreage and have been living in No1 son's house while waiting to move into suburbia, not sure how this will go, it is over 30 years since I lived on the traditional 1/4acre block.  The house is a Federation style older home that has been well maintained and many original features still in evidence. Settlement day is not far away, before moving in I will check that the fences are Jack Russell proof, that little devil will try and find a way out to do a meet, greet and territory mark.

Shak the Jack and Rox-a-lot.
No 2 son will be away at settlement time, so I have a week to wait before the furniture can be moved, there is no way I will go near his shed if he isn't home.  Have organised the family to help move the packing boxes, hoping this will save removalist fees.

I hope soon to post about my quilting and crochet that I have completed in the past few months.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Oh my stars.

What happened to April and May? Life and being lazy blog wise, naughty me.  Well here goes, I will try and add all that I have completed.

This one looks better than I thought it would and I am sure the recipient will appreciate the gift.

After this I started on a Half Hexie Braid, Mrs L, likes to keep me on my toes, gosh I have learned so much during the short time I have been with this group.  The idea was her's the pattern instructions I used were from here.  Fabric was scraps and off cuts donated to the Charity committee, had so much fun cutting this out, not.
Nah, don't like this layout at all, no way.

After a long think, rearranged the hexies a few times and ended up with this lovely quilt, which I am very happy with and much bigger than I expected.

BOM - April

BOM - May
So that's it for now, wonder what my next challenge will be.