Thursday, 4 July 2019

June Ramblings

I have finally removed all the plants from my intended rose garden, what an effort.  So now I need to feed the soil and paint the shed wall a much better colour.  This area faces east and receives plenty of sunlight. 

Salvia, pansies and marigolds flowering well.


A very pale pansy.

Salvia and volunteer lettuce.
Very sour tangerines,  bottles of marmalade to be made.
Finished the Minimum Temperature Quilt, fits this bed nicely.
I have been working away at the recipe book, tickets and flyers for the craft group's "Cuppa in the Country' show held during the last week end in August.
Opening Night tickets
Bookmark flyers

Cover for recipe book.
Seven completed projects from my #make nine challenge.
Not feeling very well at the moment, have the dreaded winter sore throat and cannot be bothered doing very much at all.

'til next month.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

April and May

Six weeks since my last post, grrr, over committed or lazy not sure which.  Made a cushion cover with gifted fabric panels, front and back always a cat.

 Finished and have been wearing this pullover, I am very happy with it and it goes over my winter tops nicely.
This was a block of the month at craft group, it is a really easy block to make.
I painted these stones for the craft group's challenge this year and gave most of them away to a member, she thought they would look great in her pot plants.  I was fine with this, next time the grand-daughters stay they can base coat more stones for me.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

March going into April

I have managed to get lost somewhere and forgot to update my web diary.  Work, life and craft group commitments have kept me very busy.

I finished number 4 of my #makeninechallenge on Instagram, what I call my hippy pants, wide legged, fitted high waist and so comfortable to wear.  Body length still needs a slight adjustment but that is for next time.  Fabric is soft furnishing from Spotlight.  Very Easy Vogue Pattern V9320.
Back, I used an invisible zipper.

Front, truly showing my age here.