Monday, 30 January 2017

The Productive Garden

With the move I no longer have a productive vegetable patch, sigh, and limited water supply means that at this time I am NOT planning on having one.  If and when we get extra water tanks, or are able to sink a bore, then a vege patch will happen.

I did bring my two potted citrus with me and both are thriving, a 'Lotsa Lemons' and a Tahitian Lime, both have fruit maturing.  I use bath/shower water to keep these going.

In the yard there is a Nectarine tree, after fruiting I pruned it very heavily, back to a bare trunk almost, now several months later it is a sight to behold.  Followed Peter Cundall's advice here.

There were three dragonfruit (pitaya) growing, two I removed and kept one (it was the healthiest looking).  It flowered and has enormous flowers which open at night.
The flowering extravaganza.
The green fruit
 Many fruit set on this plant and I was surprised when I cut open the first one, it was white inside, not the red I was expecting.  Eaten cold during this hot summer is very refreshing, they are very juicy as well, even the dog likes a little bit to eat.  At the local farmers' market these are sold for $2.00 each.
Ripening on the vine
Cut and ready to eat.

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