Friday, 24 March 2017


About a month ago visited a nearby town, it had been on my todo list since the move.  It was a great morning out and enjoyed the leisurely stroll along the main street.  From the op shop I purchased a single bed doona cover for $3.00, loved the red and pink colours.

From the top part of the cover (red) I made these shorts, it was a new pattern and needed to see how the fit was before using the cotton canvas I purchased.
High waisted fitted pattern and top of doona cover.

From the underside I made a popover dress, shortened the armholes, added patch pockets ,in red, and now have a lovely cool popover to wear any season, well almost.
Finished dress

Another op shop find.


  1. Who would believe you made all that from a Doona, Deb :-) i saw a headline in our local paper online that a local had made a dress from a KMart quilt cover. It sounded like that was terribly unusual. LOL! I thought of you at the time.

  2. Both garments look lovely.

  3. These garments are awesome Deb! What a great way to recycle a quilt cover :)