Thursday, 23 March 2017

Rug, Rain and ..............

March is moving along, and I have been a little distracted the past few weeks.

February was the driest since records have been kept, why did we move? Actually we love it here at the country beach.  Anyway this month there has been so far nearly 100ml of rain and about 50 this past week. Yay.  Lovely green grass instead of that brown crackling turn to dust mess. From the front door.

Looking straight ahead.
Looking to the right.
Have kept working on the vintage baby shawl, it is now finished and soon to be listed in my Etsy store.
Why I have been distracted, well have been helping out here.  This forum opened on Monday of this week, has been a very busy couple of days and such fun.


  1. Is this a new blog, Deb? I was getting notification of your blog posts before you moved but haven't heard anything for a while. Anyway, I just clicked the follow button so can keep up with the goings on now.

  2. it looks much the same here too! hasn't the rain been great?! am loving it even though my yard is fast becoming a hip high jungle lol. there'll be endless hours of mowing when the sun finally comes out & the ground starts to dry out (it's quite soggy here atm)
    your blanket is lovely!
    am also loving the new forum too :))
    thanx for sharing

  3. Yes, deleted the other when we moved. I keep changing my mind on what to do.