Monday, 6 March 2017

Week 3 and 4

Adding the sleeves and finishing.  Was going to add flutter sleeves, not such a good look.  When I sewed these in they stuck up and out like weird butterfly wings, so out they came very quickly.
Flutter sleeves, cut on the bias.
I really wanted sleeves on this top, so I browsed through my patterns and wardrobe for inspiration.  Found it, a split sleeve, just needed to adjust the pattern a little and it would work.  It did indeed.
Pattern I was adjusting to fit my needs.
Sleeve sewn in.
Here is the finished top, ready to wear once the summer heat starts to fade, I am wondering if that will ever happen.


  1. lovely top & how clever to redo the sleeves!
    am sure you will love wearing it too
    thanx for sharing

  2. Deb, I think it's great there are women out there such as you who still sew. This is a hobby I never quite got into but like all young girls growing up in the 70s then Home Ec was a course mandated by the school system. I made a prom dress and a pair of pants that I easily remember. Oh yeah, after my school days I did make a few of my maturity dresses and then later on I made the family old-fashion Christmas stockings. I always wanted to make a quilt and never tried. Maybe before I take a dirt nap (which I'm a long way from unless a meteor strikes me or I step in front of bus) I can do this! Have a nice Wednesday and please come join me for not-so Wordless Wednesday! ;) BTW, your follow button doesn't work. You may want to consider adding Google+ follow to your site if you're interested in keeping up with your followers. ;)

    Curious as a Cathy