Monday, 31 December 2018

2018 Ends

The year is almost ended and I am at home watching TV and thinking about what 2019 will bring to my life.

Christmas Day was interesting to say the least, not too hot or humid at least and in the end we all over ate and enjoyed the time together.

This week for whatever reason I finished two works in progress and started and finished another.  This is the crochet project, Secret Paths shawl from Mijo Crochet.  Made the edging wider to use as much of the self-striping yarn as possible.  I am very happy with the result.

This summer dress ended up knee length after all, it looked too much like a nightdress that granny would wear, oh my not for me.  Still looks like a nightie, but at least I will wear it during our hot steamy summer.
High waisted shorts for summer, I really want to make the long pants, but decided that shorts were a better option for altering and making a good fit.  They fit so well with minimal adjustment I am amazed. 

The world's worst selfie, the only mirror is in a very dark wood paneled room.

Back with invisible zipper.
And finally:

Monday, 17 December 2018

The Lost Months

This has been a pretty awful year, annus horriblus as the Queen stated in 1992, selling, buying, moving, emotional turmoil, hating my workplace, feeling lost and lonely.  2019 hopefully should be much better, starting to feel settled into my new place, and slowly making changes, small and large.

I started on one side of the front hedge, cutting back and today I finally managed to dig out the root balls.  I will put day lilies into this space after a little tender care to the soil.

Removing one of the front hedges.

This is the quilt I made for Miss M, it was for last year's birthday took me about 9 months of stop and start work.
Top corner.

Miss M chose the panel.
Today I went to The Quilters Inn here in Rosewood and purchased fabric to make a Temperature (minimum) Quilt for the Craft and Quilt Show next year, would like to have it pieced together by the end of school holidays, but who knows, my concentration levels fluctuated drastically day by day.

Adding to my wardrobe a tunic dress for summer, again if I can keep it together enough to sew. I have lengthened the pattern by 40 cm and plan on leaving the side seams open from the knee.
Bye for now.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Crochet Adventures

These are the small projects I have completed while residing at my son's house.  Using 4 ply cotton from the discount store I made these two string bags, one that folds away into a small pouch and fastens with a button and loop.
The pattern is available here.
Pattern similar to this 
Folded into pouch.
Found this Christmas Santa Doiley on Pinterest and had to make it, luckily I had enough little bits of cotton to make it.
Pattern here.
Close-up of Santa's face.
All for now.

Sunday, 16 September 2018


I have merged my quilting blog into this one.  Between work, personal, forum and craft life it was getting too much.  I post each week for the craft group free WiFi available at the show hall and have not posted anything in my personal blogs for ever so long.  Hoping this will all change.
In July I sold the large house and acreage and have been living in No1 son's house while waiting to move into suburbia, not sure how this will go, it is over 30 years since I lived on the traditional 1/4acre block.  The house is a Federation style older home that has been well maintained and many original features still in evidence. Settlement day is not far away, before moving in I will check that the fences are Jack Russell proof, that little devil will try and find a way out to do a meet, greet and territory mark.

Shak the Jack and Rox-a-lot.
No 2 son will be away at settlement time, so I have a week to wait before the furniture can be moved, there is no way I will go near his shed if he isn't home.  Have organised the family to help move the packing boxes, hoping this will save removalist fees.

I hope soon to post about my quilting and crochet that I have completed in the past few months.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Oh my stars.

What happened to April and May? Life and being lazy blog wise, naughty me.  Well here goes, I will try and add all that I have completed.

This one looks better than I thought it would and I am sure the recipient will appreciate the gift.

After this I started on a Half Hexie Braid, Mrs L, likes to keep me on my toes, gosh I have learned so much during the short time I have been with this group.  The idea was her's the pattern instructions I used were from here.  Fabric was scraps and off cuts donated to the Charity committee, had so much fun cutting this out, not.
Nah, don't like this layout at all, no way.

After a long think, rearranged the hexies a few times and ended up with this lovely quilt, which I am very happy with and much bigger than I expected.

BOM - April

BOM - May
So that's it for now, wonder what my next challenge will be.

On my needles

Well it is "Knit in Public Day" on Saturday, where has the past 12 months gone.  I won't be participating this year, life.

These are the projects I have been working on now that the chilly weather has arrived.
Socks for a friend.

Something for me, if I finish it.
Pretty, pretty yarn I just had to buy, goodbye budget, luscious colour, Banana Legs.  Thinking lacy socks for myself.
With the chilly weather here I really need to knit myself a beret or beanie, must finish the socks first.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Wins and Things

Have been neglecting this little place for quite some time.  Life and data allowance just keeps getting in the way.

The wins are competitions I have entered.  These five products from Sukin, an Australian product, reasonably priced natural skincare.  My favorite product from this range is the Hydration Elixir.

A giveaway at Kitten Stitching. 
I have started a bee cross stitch square for a charity quilt being made for the craft group's challenge day.

I haven't been doing too much sewing for myself lately.  Finished these socks for a friend, she is not a girly sort of person so the very masculine green suits her just fine.  Another friend is having a more feminine colourway for her socks.

 The pattern is from an Ann Budd book. I am using one of the rib patterns for the socks on my needles now.

The other thing taking up my time is a blog I am co-authoring for local craft group and my paid work for three days a week.  Best not forget trying to keep up with garden and yard work.

All for now.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

March Projects

Love Quilt completed with label attached.

The instructions and pre-cut fabrics.
 Step one add cream fabric to two sides.  Step two cut on the diagonal, make sure it's the correct diagonal.  Step three join the triangular  pieces together. Below the end result.

The pattern I chose for this Charity Quilt was the  "Beach Ball Baby Quilt" from Elven Garden.  Below some of the stitched together  fabric lengths and lower photo is the whole beach balls, using the colours I considered best.

Pinned ready to quilt, this took me three nights to do, trying to maneuver the quilt was an experience I am not sure I ever want to undertake again.

For the FNSI, I have been hand stitching the binding.  Not finished yet hope to complete this afternoon when I meet with friends for a stitch and bitch session.

Till the next virtual meet-up.

Sunday, 4 March 2018


The  BOM for the craft group was handed out on Wednesday,  I completed my two this morning.
Surprisingly I found it easier to make than anticipated, have to stop doubting my skills. The supervisor had to do his check of my work, but laying down on the job, really.
The final product completed.

At group on Wednesday, I finished stitching on the binding for the doggy Love Quilt, silly me forgot to sew on a label.
All for now.

Friday, 2 March 2018

FNWF - February

Managed to get my weeks and Fridays all in a line for a change.  What I have been working on during February  (not much for myself) have spent more time on making Love Quilts for the craft group to use for charity.

Using this sleep wear  pattern, I have made a tunic for the cooler autumn weather, stitched the side seams to just below waist level to give a more casual look. The length is halfway between the short top and nightie.