Wednesday, 24 January 2018

January 2018

I haven't  done much  work through the summer heat, just a few little projects to fill in time.

An elastic waisted skirt, side splits , almost ankle length. Made in a linen blend fabric from my stash  had this for many years, from the days when I  made and wore form fitting pencil skirts for work.

 A cool sleeveless summer top made from the offcuts from the dress I made in December. To add extra length I added the hems as extra pieces, the front cut creatively to use all the fabric.

Tried making these quilted bowl holders,  useful when eating from bowl of leftovers heated in the microwave.
 The outer cover of my first one,  needed a couple of tweaks.
This one looks much better and is for my sister. Aren't the gumnut babies cute.

Finished these  two furniture  projects.  Glued the tapestry fabric on the cupboard  door  and updated the seat of the dining chair.

Knitted one dishcloth in kitchen string. I  will keep this in my lunch pack, for those unexpected messes.

Till next time. I hope to update more regularly, but. happens.

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  1. Oh Deb, you say you didn't do much work? You have done a lot. Each creation is beautiful. I especially love the furniture.