Saturday, 17 February 2018

FNSI Report

Pretend storms late afternoon, at least it was cooler for a little while.
Cut these pieces of dog patterned fabric for my next love quilt.
Inspiration from this picture of a cushion cover in an old craft magazine.
Made this small hobo style bag using offcuts of cat fabric, lined with a burgundy  poplin.  This bag will go in my box of hand crafted gifts.
The pattern was taken from this book I borrowed from a friend. There are a couple more patterns I would like to try.
Till next FNSI.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Love Quilts February

Completed a red work fusion quilt, tried a different way of joining the blocks, a fuller look not so lacy. Using a winged needle to edge stitch the blocks made sewing the blanket stitch through three layers easier. I used treble stitch in each blanket stitch with 2tr 2ch 2tr in each corner.  I  joined each block with double crochet.
In the boxes of donated fabrics CAT fabrics were discovered. Found a design I wanted to try in an old craft magazine. Spent the weekend (heatwave in Qld) inside and stitched away.
Magazine with design.
Laid on the floor
The backing selected was a neutral flannelette.

His lordship approves.

All finished and ready to give.  The next will feature DOGS.