Saturday, 24 March 2018

March Projects

Love Quilt completed with label attached.

The instructions and pre-cut fabrics.
 Step one add cream fabric to two sides.  Step two cut on the diagonal, make sure it's the correct diagonal.  Step three join the triangular  pieces together. Below the end result.

The pattern I chose for this Charity Quilt was the  "Beach Ball Baby Quilt" from Elven Garden.  Below some of the stitched together  fabric lengths and lower photo is the whole beach balls, using the colours I considered best.

Pinned ready to quilt, this took me three nights to do, trying to maneuver the quilt was an experience I am not sure I ever want to undertake again.

For the FNSI, I have been hand stitching the binding.  Not finished yet hope to complete this afternoon when I meet with friends for a stitch and bitch session.

Till the next virtual meet-up.

Sunday, 4 March 2018


The  BOM for the craft group was handed out on Wednesday,  I completed my two this morning.
Surprisingly I found it easier to make than anticipated, have to stop doubting my skills. The supervisor had to do his check of my work, but laying down on the job, really.
The final product completed.

At group on Wednesday, I finished stitching on the binding for the doggy Love Quilt, silly me forgot to sew on a label.
All for now.

Friday, 2 March 2018

FNWF - February

Managed to get my weeks and Fridays all in a line for a change.  What I have been working on during February  (not much for myself) have spent more time on making Love Quilts for the craft group to use for charity.

Using this sleep wear  pattern, I have made a tunic for the cooler autumn weather, stitched the side seams to just below waist level to give a more casual look. The length is halfway between the short top and nightie.