Friday, 2 March 2018

FNWF - February

Managed to get my weeks and Fridays all in a line for a change.  What I have been working on during February  (not much for myself) have spent more time on making Love Quilts for the craft group to use for charity.

Using this sleep wear  pattern, I have made a tunic for the cooler autumn weather, stitched the side seams to just below waist level to give a more casual look. The length is halfway between the short top and nightie.

This is what I have named my apron dress, it looks more like a popover style of apron, anyhow it is comfy to wear.

Fabric for both of these are from the furnishing section of Spotlight, cotton, very reasonably priced, a little wider than most dress fabrics and I just love the prints.  You just need to remember to wash before cutting just in case it shrinks.

On a brighter note there was rain, lotsa rain, much needed rain.  My area didn't have as much as the coastal regions, plenty for me, the tanks keep overflowing, the grass grows overnight and needs trimming every few days, the weeds have taken over all the garden beds.

For some unknown reason the Mother-in-Laws Tongue plant has decided to flower this year, a rare event, mine haven't flowered for about 12 years. Looking forward to them opening and am fairly certain they are scented as well.
The pony tail palm is also flowering now, the bees are going nuts buzzing around the flowers,
Till next post.


  1. Hi Deb - great sewing, those patterns look nice and comfortable and, I agree, the prints are lovely. We've had some good rain in our summer too, we're not complaining!

  2. Nice work...lovely fabric in your top.
    Useful apron as well...xox

  3. Deb, your outfits look great. I haven't done much sewing recently as I need to finish off some curtains. We got some rain but like you, not as much as on the coast. The grass is growing overnight though :-(

  4. Visiting froom FNWF - looks like you've been busy!

  5. Love the tunic, nice styling and colour. :)

  6. Your top and apron both look great.

  7. Wow Deb! That is just beautiful. You are so talented.