Sunday, 14 October 2018

Crochet Adventures

These are the small projects I have completed while residing at my son's house.  Using 4 ply cotton from the discount store I made these two string bags, one that folds away into a small pouch and fastens with a button and loop.
The pattern is available here.
Pattern similar to this 
Folded into pouch.
Found this Christmas Santa Doiley on Pinterest and had to make it, luckily I had enough little bits of cotton to make it.
Pattern here.
Close-up of Santa's face.
All for now.


  1. I really like the Santa doiley. Great work Deb.

  2. Deb, love the bags. I didn't see Santa's face at first. Very cute doiley!

  3. Useful and pretty! You do a good job with your crochet work!

  4. That's beautiful crocheting... well done... xox