Sunday, 27 January 2019

January 2019

I had some time this month and have started and finished a couple of sewing projects.  For some crazy and unknown reason I joined in the MakeNineChallenge , this is what got me going and now I have to finish these nine projects.
My Nine.
1. Use this fabric from the stash.
2. Sew the Tamsyn Top
3. Sew the Factory Dress
4. Complete the Temperature Quilt
5. Finish this knitted pullover
6. Stitch these quilt blocks together (most likely will end up being a charity quilt).
7. Sew the long trousers
8. Knit the yellow socks
9. Another pair of trousers.

So far I have used the fabric from my stash, not quite finished, need to purchase buttons for a cropped shirt pattern I had (lengthened about 4cm), from the late 80's or there about.
Shirt in the yellow diamond.
Last night I started on the Factory Dress, decided not to make the whole dress, but only the bodice as a pullover top.  I lengthened the pattern by 6cm so it shouldn't be too short and at least cover my tum.  Using more of my stash, a very light cotton, will be ideal for the between seasons.  My stash is getting smaller finally, but one does buy more far too often.

For the charity side of the craft group I have made one fusion love quilt and started on another.  These are great little projects that I can carry with me to fill in time, or sit on the back deck on a hot afternoon and pretend that I am being busy.
Completed Love Quilt
Edged and ready to blanket stitch around.

Almost forgot to mention the apron that was stitched together.  The embroidered pieces for this was donated to the group and just needed to be put together, while I was absent one morning it was decided that it is a Deb project.  So a few days later .......... achieved.  It has been sold and is on it's way to the purchaser.  Funds for the charity coffers.


  1. What a lovely apron, Deb. I love the swans. Can't wait to see the yellow socks!

  2. I too love the apron. I think pockets on aprons are so useful.

    Good luck with all your projects!

  3. OMG that is one long list, enjoy your projects :)